Eco-Loo Mini Compost Toilet on a Narrowboat

In late summer we’d delivered an Eco-Loo Mini Capture 10/18 to a customer who lived on a narrowboat not too far from us. One of their neighbours had popped over to have a look at their Eco-Loo and then contacted us to make one for them!

They wanted to paint it themselves in a particular shade of green, so we were asked to supply it with a primer/undercoat.

It benefits from the latest enhancements and upgrades that are being rolled out into our 2018 models, which include:

  • White, waterproof coating to the inside of the toilet which includes SteriTouch® antibacterial additive.
  • Solid oak toilet seat and lid
  • Stainless steel rear hinge and solid brass seat hinges (no corrosion)
  • Vinyl base and lower sides, silicone sealed to ensure any leaks are kept in the base and don’t get onto the wood
  • Seat and separator are removable for cleaning and maintenance – four bolts keep everything in place. A neoprene strip sits between the separator and the seat to keep a seal.


Eco-Loo Capture Mini finished in primer undercoat

(Above: As supplied to the customer in mid tones primer/undercoat)

Interior specification

(Above: some of the new interior finishing touches on the 2018 model)

The finished Eco-Loo, as painted by the client.

(Above: The finished toilet, as painted by the customer)


If there are any special finishes you want, do let us know – we’re happy to work with you to get you your ‘perfect’ looking compost toilet!

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