New Eco-Loo Fans are even quieter and consume less power!

If you have power available (either 12v from a battery/solar system) or mains, the addition of a ventilation fan makes your Eco-Loo compost toilet much better. By drawing air across the solids bucket and venting it outside, all odours are removed and moisture levels are kept lower inside the toilet.

From Feb 20th 2018, we’ve updated our 60mm fan kit (connects to 68mm downpipe) so they are even quieter and consume less power, and it comes with a couple of useful extras!

Compost Toilet 12v Fan Kit

Noise is down from just under 20 decibels to around 11 decibels* and power consumption is a meagre 240 mW or 0.02 A.

We calculate that a 100 Ah leisure battery could power this fan for almost 100 days without being recharged (see the product specification for details on how we calculated this).

In addition, we’re also including 2.1mm male and female power connectors to make installation easier, and 76mm screened vent cover (install this on the opposite side of your toilet from the fan to allow air to enter the toilet and be taken across the solids container).

Does having a fan eliminate the need for cover material? Not necessarily – we strongly urge people to have some cover material available, but with a fan, you only need a very small amount. Cover material also means people can aesthetically cover their ‘offerings’ to save any embarrassment! Without cover material, the solids won’t have a good carbon to nitrogen ratio and may not compost as fast or as well as you’d expect.

* Perceived noise levels will be affected by the addition of pipework, bend and any restrictions to the flow of air. Manufacturers measurement of the noise is for the fan alone and is measured 1 metre away from the unit.

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