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The Little House Company was born in 2012 and is run by me, Martin (aka the ‘Eco-Poo Dude’), and Debbie.

I started the business so could do something that I both enjoyed and that made a positive difference to the world! 

Aware of the many problems that humanity has created for itself and the environment, I decided that selling compost toilets would be a good place to start!

The products I make and supply are ‘change enablers’ and not just green gimmicks. Through their use, understanding and deployment, you can reduce your impact or even have a positive effect, on the environment both around you, and on a wider scale. You can’t just ‘buy your way’ into making a difference – you need a different mindset too!

I'm not advocating stepping back in time, but I do think there are many lessons of the past that we can apply modern knowledge and thinking to, in order to create a better future for everyone and everything on Earth.

Our primary product range is waterless, urine-diverting composting toilets – these make a great difference compared to a regular toilet because they not only use no water (so you save precious drinking-quality water, and save the energy used to purify and transport it to you), but you’re also creating a useful product out of the ‘waste’, which would previously have been passed on to someone else to deal with.

We now concentrate on our own range of Eco-Loo toilets along with the Kildwick compost toilet range.

Our own range, Eco-Loo started when I made a simple wooden compost toilet base to use with a Separett Privy separator and installed it my shed. I made a YouTube video and blogged about it, and then people asked me if I could make one for them.

In the early days, almost everything was made with hand tools. I had a simple hand mitre saw and used to cut all the framework and panelling with it - looking back now, I'm amazed I had the patience!

Over the following years, as more and more people asked us to make them, we bought appropriate power tools and improved our production methods, so that the current product is both incredibly strong and well made, but also has that artisan feel to it.

There are now several versions of the Eco-Loo compost toilet to suit a variety of situations - the original and most popular Eco-Loo 'Divert' where urine is diverted to a soakaway pit or external container and the Eco-Loo 'Capture' with a built in tank that has the potential to be entirely self-contained for people on the move or where a permanent discharge facility is not an option.

I can also customise an Eco-Loo for your specific requirements, whether that be in the choice of materials, finishes or the actual size to fit a specific space.

Martin (aka Eco Poo Dude)

Martin aka Eco Poo Dude