Building a composting toilet using the Privy 500

Building a composting toilet?

Update 2016! After our shed floor rotted away in the autumn, we removed the compost loo. We’re in the process of rebuilding the floor and will be making a new compost loo based around the Kildwick Klassic Urine Separator, but it will have some unique features!

We decided to build our own composting toilet in our shed. Based around the waterless, urine-separating Separett Privy 500 (although the Privy 501 would be an identical build), we show you how our initial design had a few flaws, but after some minor modifications, we got it all working.

In our blog posts, we also detail the fitting of a fan to draw air over the solids bucket and some of the issues we had with noise. Ultimately, we created a fantastic and odour-free experience that has served us well since November 2012.

NEW PAGE – We’ve taken some photos of the Privy separator unit, along with measurements to help you decide if it will fit into your chosen location and design. Find them here… More Privy Photos

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