Eco-Loo Mini Capture 15/18 – self contained compost toilet

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A self-contained, urine-separating compost toilet where space is tight or when portability is important. At under 400mm wide, it can go almost anywhere and is ideal for mobile users on narrowboats, barges, campervans, motor caravans, caravans, boats or dwellings where you are unable to run urine into a soak-pit.

QUALITY COMPONENTS USED THROUGHOUT: Stainless steel and solid brass hinges. Solid Oak wooden seat. UK made gloss white GRP urine diverter with anti-bacterial properties. 15 litre urine tank with carry handle. 18 Litre solids container. Starter kit supplied as standard. Optional 12V, 24V or mains fan/ventilation for additional odour control and ease of use.

Eco-Loo compost toilets are hand-made to order – please allow 4+ weeks for production and delivery depending on the specification.



The Eco-Loo Mini Capture 15/18 is fitted with the gloss white, hygienic, all-round GRP urine separator and a solid oak ‘close fit’ toilet seat. This model includes a 15 litre urine container and an 18 litre solids ‘bucket’.

The Eco-Loo Mini Capture 15/18  is a small, self-contained and potentially portable compost toilet and can therefore be installed in places other compost toilets cannot. At just 375mm wide, it can go almost anywhere and is ideal for people on the move, or where space is tight, or where you need a weekend or occasional toilet.

The base unit is hand-made in the UK from solid wood and finished in wooden tongue & groove cladding to give it a wonderful character that would not look out of place anywhere. You can choose from a wood stain finish or one of several Farrow & Ball water-based ‘eggshell’ paints colours, including All-White, Calke Green, Stiffkey Blue or Downpipe Grey.

If you’d prefer to apply your own finish, we can also supply it ‘untreated’ ie sanded and ready for you to paint/stain. It also features a gloss white GRP urine diverter and solid oak wooden, close-fitting toilet seat . If you have a specific colour or finish in mind, do let us know – we’re happy to customise it to your requirements.

All colours shown on screen are an approximation only. Actual perceived colour will depend on lighting conditions etc.

The Eco-Loo Mini Capture is an ideal self-contained compost toilet. As standard, all you need to do is add a handful of wood shavings or other cover material after each ‘solid’ deposit and that’s it. The urine-diverting gloss white, wipe clean toilet bowl means that urine is automatically sent to the 15 litre bottle and solids go into the 18 litre container. Keeping liquids and solids separate is the key to minimising odours! The gloss white urine separator has an antibacterial agent called SteriTouch™ added in the production process – unlike a surface coating, this will not wear off and is based on a silver compound that naturally repels bacteria.

The Eco-Loo Mini Capture has a removeable 15 litre urine tank – ideal in places where it is not possible to drain the urine away, or where you want a self-contained toilet. Ideal for boats, narrowboats, campervans, caravans and mobile applications. We can even fit carry handles on the side to make it easy to move!

What you get:

  • The Eco-Loo Mini Capture, finished in tongue & groove (matchboard) cladding to the front and sides
  • Solid oak, close-fitting toilet seat
  • Gloss white Kildwick Klassic GRP Urine Diverter with strainer
  • 15 litre semi-translucent removable urine tank with carry handle
  • 18 litre rectangular solids bucket (complete with lid and handles)
  • Compost toilet ‘Starter Kit’
  • Base lined with vinyl flooring material
  • Can be supplied ‘untreated’ for you to paint/stain, or finished in a danish oil (medium or dark), or water-based Farrow & Ball eggshell paint (Calke Green, Downpipe Grey, Stiffkey Blue or All White).

Important information about the Eco-Loo Mini Capture

  • The 15 litre urine tank is located across the front of the unit. You’ll need to regularly check the level, and empty it as needed. If it’s fitted to a moving vehicle/vessel, we advise fitting the lid on the urine bottle prior to moving to prevent an possibility of spillage.
  • You’ll need to consider how to control odours from the ‘solids’ container- if you use sawdust (or other cover material), then nothing else will be needed, alternatively, you might wish to opt for our 12 volt ‘silent’ fan which will draw odours from the solids container and into standard 68mm drainpipe (not provided).

Dimensions (base unit only) – 390mm wide x 460mm deep x 490mm high (height measured to the top of the standard toilet seat)

Capacities. As a rough guide, one person produces around 1.5 litres of liquid daily, so the built-in 15 litre urine container could last up to 10 days use before discharging, however we recommend daily emptying where possible. The 18 litre solids container will give 2-3 weeks full-time use for a single person depending on the amount of toilet paper and cover material used.

Remember that a compost toilet is just a part of the whole composting process. You will need to think about where you can safely and legally dispose of urine and what you will do with the ‘solids’.

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2 reviews for Eco-Loo Mini Capture 15/18 – self contained compost toilet

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    “So simple and so effective! We’re really pleased with our new Eco-Loo Mini Capture – it’s tiny so fits the small space perfectly and doesn’t smell at all.”

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    The toilet is great! It’s working very well for me. If you are looking for possible improvements, having something to hold the blue tablets you put in the urine separator would help, as it tends to fall in the bucket when I open the toilet to empty the urine!
    I’m very happy with the product though, it is very well made!! Would recommend to anyone – my boyfriend is thinking of getting one for his boat 🙂

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