DIY compost loo on a narrow boat – a customers view

Sarah Jasmon

One of our customers, Sarah, bought a Separett Privy 500 from us a couple of months ago and in conversations after the sale, mentioned that she was planning to install it on her narrow boat.

Here’s Sarah’s update on the installation and subsequent use. Sarah has chosen to use sawdust as a cover material rather than a vent pipe as this would involve making a hole in the steel roof of her boat. So far, she reports that there are no nasty smells and that it’s much nicer than using a chemical loo.

Well done Sarah, and thanks for sharing your experiences with everyone!


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2 thoughts on “DIY compost loo on a narrow boat – a customers view

  1. We too have installed a separett loo on our boat vented through the roof. It’s tidy, the fan is quiet and there is no smell whatsoever. We used to use a composting enhancer but don’t bother now. You must use bio urinal blocks and a bio cleaner such as bluaway – this naturally attacks urine and stops uric scale from building up which clogs up pipes, channels, etc. We didn’t know this at first and ended up with a bit of a mess. The cleaner solved it quickly. Two years on our loo is as good as new and a fascinating eco/bio system and a must for any boater thinking of installing one.

  2. Great to hear about your experiences Alison, and thanks for sharing your tips. Little House Co sell the BioDrain tablets ( )which are non-polluting, but also stop the build up of uric acid and the associated smells. I’ve not have problems with that so far, but that’s probably because I’m not collecting the urine (it runs into a soakaway in the ground) and I usually pour my hand washing water down the urine pipe which clears it.

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