Separett Weekend vs Villa 9000

One of the questions we get asked is about the differences between the Separett Weekend and the Villa 9000 (or 9010). Some people believe that the name ‘Weekend’ implies it doesn’t have the same capacity as the Villa 9000/9010, however that’s not the case. In actual fact, the solids bucket on the Weekend is around 25 litre capacity, against 23 litres on the Villa, although, due to the fact that the Villa bucket automatically rotates as it’s used, you’ll probably have more real capacity.

Anyway, we made a short video to show the 2 units side-by-side so you can get a better understanding. The one thing I didn’t cover in the video is the type of plastic used – the Villa 9000/9010 is made from a harder, shinier plastic than the Weekend.

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