Update on Villa 9010 on Paxos

We recently published an article about our customer, Wayne Evans, which took a Villa 9010, solar panel and battery etc out to the Greek island of Paxos, where he’s building a property. We recently received an update from him, which we’d like to share with you…

Hi Martin,

I have just returned from Paxos and thought I would give you a quick update.

The Separett (Villa 9010) and PV system that you supplied last year is working perfectly. We have been back to Greece a couple of times since installation last September and are always delighted to hear the hum of the fan as we enter the studio.

Paxos receives more annual rainfall than most areas of the UK, and as a result, homes that are not permanently occupied can suffer from the high humidity that occurs during the winter months. Many second home owners spend their first few days each season scrubbing away black mould from the walls that develops after their house is ‘locked-up’ for the winter. The studio was fine. I’m sure the constant ventilation from the Separett fan helped draw fresh air through and minimise the damp effects.

I took along a digital multi-meter this time just to check on the battery condition and the voltage was reading 12.75 Volts first thing in the morning, so all is well. I have now added a second battery and am running a 12v car power outlet with USB for mobile charging and will be adding some 12v lighting on the next visit.

The (solid) waste I collected over the past couple of visits had broken down in the containers as predicted and has been added to the compost heap to complete the decomposition process.

It’s all very satisfying!

Visitors are always intrigued and amazed by the system, and the potential for these types of products in Greece could be significant with some education and marketing.

The whole experience has been most positive and I am now considering a full off-grid solution for the studio.

Very best regards, Wayne

P.S. The Olive trees are loving their nutrient rich watering and are re-generating fast.

We’re obviously delighted to hear this, although not surprised! It’s always good to have such positive feedback from customers, and indeed to learn that Wayne’s experience of using the Separett compost toilet and the solar PV system has actually changed the way he is moving forward. We were particularly pleased to hear how the urine is being used as a free and natural fertiliser and is helping the Olive trees regenerate.

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