Compost Toilet in a Shepherds Hut

Shepherds Huts are becoming very popular these days, both as a personal retreat, garden room, extra bedroom space and as an upmarket holiday rental opportunity. You can see why – they look beautiful and unique, can be finished to a high standard, and best of all, they can be moved if needed (which also helps with planning permission).

Compost Toilet in Shepherds Hut


But the fact that they are often located away from other buildings or in remote and beautiful locations means that providing the usual flushing toilet facilities is not an option. So, if you don’t have water and sewerage connections, what are your toilet choices? The obvious solution is a waterless urine-separating compost toilet – no water, no smell, low power requirements (can be 11 watts at 230V AC or 2.5  watts at 12V DC from a solar panel/battery) and the urine can usually drain into a soak-away pit along with the sink grey water (subject to local soil conditions etc).

I have only got good things to say about them (the Separett Villa), they are such a good answer to the problem of not having access to mains sewerage!

From the perspective of the holiday rental shepherd hut owner, the Separett Villa 9000 or 9010 is an ideal candidate in that the solids container can be emptied and refreshed in minutes on changeover day, presenting the new guests with what appears to be an unused toilet! In addition, the automatic concealing screen covers the contents of the toilet from view – help people who may be anxious about using a composting toilet.

Salty Shepherd LogoWe recently heard back from Rosie at ‘The Salty Shepherd‘ who installed a Separett Villa 9010 (12 volt) compost toilet in her Shepherd Hut holiday rental unit, located in a stunning setting overlooking Romney Marshes in East Sussex.

Due to the location, the hut is entirely off-grid, with power for LED lights and the toilet fan coming from a small leisure battery. The cooker runs from bottled gas and there is a small wood burning stove to the inside toasty on cool nights.

Rosie told us; “I have only got good things to say about them, they are such a good answer to the problem of not having access to mains sewerage! We’re basically a small holiday let Shepherds Hut in a very remote rural position. We wanted to keep it private and convenient for our guests so the composting toilet was the most suitable option!”

interior of shepherds hut


As you can see from the photo, the Salty Shepherd is constructed and finished to a very high standard and the installation of the Separett Villa 9010 perfectly complements the fit and finish.

For details on composting toilets for Shepherd’s Huts, visit our page for land-based users.

Or, you might like to consider building your own from a kit of parts we supply. Check out our self-build kits here.

For more information on the Separett Villa 9010, click here… or give us a call to have a friendly chat!

For details of The Salty Shepherd, click here to go to their website.

Photographs are © The Salty Shepherd and used here with permission.


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  1. That’s a pretty neat looking unit. A lot of composting toilets look like something from a 1970s sci-fi, but the Separett appears to be an exception.

    1. I agree Paul! I think a large part of the success and acceptance of the Separett Villa is the fact that it looks like a ‘normal’ toilet!

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