Privy 500 in a Tiny House

If, like us, you love the Tiny House movement, you’ll love this video of an excellent Tumbleweed tiny house that features an owner-built compost loo using the Privy 500 urine-separator (the compost toilet is shown at 7m 20sec).

tiny yellow house loo

It’s good to hear the honesty of the owner builder as she admitted that she made a mistake with the construction and was hoping to have the loo seat opening diagonally into the corner, but after she made it, realised that the seat wouldn’t open fully as it hit the wall! The lesson is to check and re-check that everything will open fully before making it!

In this instance, the owner has used a Privy 500 urine separating bowl and fitted their own wooden toilet seat. They are using sawdust poured from a jug (neat idea) as the cover material (for odour prevention). Urine goes with the other ‘grey’ water into a soak-away.

tiny yellow house

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