Woodland Toilets for a Somerset Retreat

We had a frantic call from a customer last week – they needed two compost toilets for a woodland retreat that was happening very soon in Somerset. Ideally, they were after the Separett Rescue Camping units, but we were completely out of stock, so instead they choose the Separett Privy 500 and our 25 litre solids containers. We shipped them on Friday and opted for Saturday delivery (our main courier, UK Mail, currently offers that option as a no-cost option).

On Monday, Ros (our customer) contacted us to say thanks for the speedy delivery and to show us what they’d built over the weekend. We’re really impressed and we’re sure the people on the retreat will appreciate them!

custom made compost toilets

Ros built her loos using plywood (you can usually get it cut by your timber supplier once you’ve worked out the dimensions) screwed to corner battens.

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