Separett Privy on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

If you’re in the UK, you’re probably a fan of the Channel 4 TV series, George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. Last night (Series 5, Episode 2) showed a guy building a tiny caravan on the base of an old trailer tent. He also fitted a compost toilet using a Separett Privy as the urine diverter.

Compost Toilet on Amazing Spaces

His wife looked somewhat concerned, but on the final reveal, showing that the toilet cubicle expanded to give more room, she was happy to use it!

The build shows an amazing amount of ingenuity, especially for the expanding toilet cubicle and recessed wash basin and the use of recycled materials, although personally, I’m not sure about the old records cut up to make the ‘vinyl’ floor!


UK viewers can watch the series on-demand at the Channel 4 website.

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2 thoughts on “Separett Privy on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

  1. Martin, I love George Clark and Amazing Spaces is one of the best things on TV 😀

    If you haven’t already read his book that accomplices this series, I found that you can win a copy of it here:

    1. Thanks Callum for the link. I love the series too and the book looks like a gem!

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