New Kildwick Urine Separator now in stock

We’re really pleased to announce that we are now selling the new Kildwick Urine Separator / Diverter – ideal for people wanting to build their own waterless compost toilets.

GL Diverter 1

The Kildwick Kompact Urine Separator has been developed and refined in the UK and is hand-made in a glossy, hygienic and incredibly strong glass fibre and gel coat (GRP). Unlike some cheaper separators, it won’t crack or break easily (it can be cut using a saw and edges sanded) and features a ‘drip’ rail at the rear, helping to avoid urine running down the underside of the separator with all the consequences that might entail (a common issue with some cheap separators).

There’s a removable ‘strainer’ which can house eco-urinal blocks (freshen the loo and help prevent urine crystallising in the pipes) and also catches any stray sawdust (assuming you use sawdust or similar as a cover material).

GLUD - 1_Fotor


The product is incredibly flexible in terms of urine pipes – due to the tapered spout, you have the choice of a wide variety of plastic or copper pipe fittings according to your installation. The Kildwick Kompact Urine Separator is fitted from below, so installation requires you cut a suitable hole size (according to your chosen toilet seat) and attach from below using the pre-drilled holes and supplied screws and cup washers. A supplied neoprene seal can be fitted to prevent keep urine out of the join.

GLUD - 3_Fotor

The new separator is now being fitted as standard to all Eco-Loo Capture and Divert wooden compost toilets.

In addition to the Kompact, we now also sell the Kildwick Klassic urine separator/diverter, which is top fitting and has a moulding around the entire front and back.

Find out more and place your order: Kildwick Kompact & Kildwick Klassic

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