New Eco-Loo with extra vents

Here’s a quick pic of one of our latest Eco-Loo Divert 20’s finished in a luscious mid-green eggshell paint. As the customer has also specified the Eco-Loo Fan kit, we now fit a small circular vent in the side to ensure sufficient air can enter the toilet before being expelled through the fan.

eco-loo compost toilet vent

With the new close-fitting wooden toilet seats there is no longer enough of an air-gap around the seat to ensure an adequate air-flow into the toilet, and without that, the fan has to work extra hard which will a) reduce the working life of the fan and b) probably not clear odours as well as you’d like.

This particular Eco-Loo Divert is off to a Christian Retreat Centre in the North West of England. We’re also supply a mains adaptor so the fan (which is usually 12V DC) can be run from mains 230v electricity.

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