Slight changes to 2016 Eco-Loo Divert toilets

We’re making a few slight changes to our wooden compost loos for 2016. Some of these changes have already filtered through into the Divert model which features a slightly smaller 20 litre solids container, meaning we’ve been able to reduce the overall width and depth slightly. The use of the new gloss-white urine separator also means we’re using close-fit wooden toilet seats too!

We’re also adding a side vent for people who order a 12V Fan kit at the same time. With the close-fitting seat, it’s quite likely that not enough fresh air will get pulled into the toilet, which in turn will mean the fan will labour harder and quite possibly be less effective.

The vent will be fitted as shown in the photo – on the right side, towards the front of the base unit and features an insect screen so if the fan is ever off, nothing can get into the loo.

We’re looking at changing a few things on the Capture model too shortly – keep coming back for updates!

compost toilet vent, shown from the outside

compost toilet vent from the inside

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