How to get the most from your HOTBIN composter

The HOTBIN promotes very rapid composting by maintaining a controlled flow of air through the HOTBIN (entering at the base, and leaving through the valve at the top). The insulation and seals means the heat generated by the microbial activity is kept inside the bin, which accelerates the process.

When your HOTBIN is delivered, the value on the top will be closed. It’s essential to open the valve by 2mm to ensure the correct airflow. If it’s closed, the air cannot flow, but conversely, if it’s open too much, not enough heat is retained.


Top HOTBIN Composting Tips

  1. Locate your HOTBIN on a hard, flat surface.
    This discourages animals from nesting underneath the bin. Some people raise the HOTBIN off the ground so a small bowl can be placed underneath to catch any liquid that runs out – this can be watered down and used as a liquid fertiliser.
  2. Ensure the access hatch is properly closed.
    Cam straps should be secured around the hatch. Any gaps in the door/lid seal will result in loss of heat and odours.
  3. Keep your HOTBIN and the surrounding area clean at all times.
    Ensure no waste or raw materials are left around the lid, hatch and door edges. This will help contain odours which may attract vermin and foxes.
  4. Look after your HOTBIN!
    Avoid using strimmers, rakes and other garden tools around the HOTBIN. Do not use tools to lever off the hatch.
  5. Take care of accessories.
    Keep tools and user guide together for easy reference.


For more details on the fantastic UK designed and made HOTBIN, click here.

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