Sheffield Shed Compost Toilet

Over the summer, we were contacted by one of our customers, Tony Lynn from Sheffield, who shared some photos of his compost toilet installation. Tony had done a brilliant job and we asked if was OK to publish them on our website, which he agreed to.

We’re sure you’ll agree this is a brilliant installation. Tony has cleverly divided the garden shed so 2/3 of it is still a storage shed, but putting in a 2nd door enables the remaining 1/3 to become a self-contained toilet and washroom. The panelling and decoration ties the shed in perfectly with the summerhouse, providing a great environment and enabling extended use of the summerhouse, without having to walk back to the house to use the toilet.

Dear Sirs,

Earlier in the year I bought a Separett Privy 501, it is now fitted and working.
Just wanted to let you know we are delighted with our purchase, it was a great buy.
It is easy to use, no unpleasant odours and better than we expected.

We are proud of the finished job so I shared a few photos, see attached.

Tony Lynn, Sheffield

Tony’s Compost Loo installation in Sheffield

We wanted to add a loo to our summerhouse, so divided an adjacent tool shed , 1/3 Compost loo & 2/3 garden shed.


A second access door was added to the shed and the interior was boarded out…


Built in the unit, with an access hatch at the rear. Sawdust holder built into the wall on the right.


We added a sink with a hand pump which takes water from a plastic water carrier (underneath the worktop).


We glam’ed –up our Privy, white washed pine panelling.


Separett Privy 501 , boxed in:



All images are © Tony Lynn and are used here with permission.

If you are thinking about building your own compost toilet, our webshop sells the bits and pieces you’ll need including the Separett Privy urine-separating toilet bowl. Check them out here.

To see other stories of compost toilet installations, check out our installations page in the FAQ section.

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2 thoughts on “Sheffield Shed Compost Toilet

  1. What a great job he’s done! It really does look inviting!

    1. Doesn’t it just! Rustic sheds and loos have their place, but this is a high class job.

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