Modified Eco-Loo Capture 12/22 compost toilet

Just before Christmas 2016, we were contacted by a customer who wanted an Eco-Loo Capture for their boat but had an issue with their space (depth) which meant a standard Eco-Loo Capture 12/25 would not fit. We recommended the Eco-Loo Capture 5/18, but they particularly wanted the 12 litre urine container, so we offered to create a customised version of the Eco-Loo Capture 12/25 that used the rectangular (wider, but less deep) solids container from the smaller Capture. In the end, we found a 22 litre solids container that was the same depth as the 18 litre one.

The customer specified Farrow & Ball ‘All White’ eggshell finish to the sides and front, with the top treated in in ‘Medium Oak’ Danish Oil to complement the solid oak seat. In addition, we used a small trim around the base rather than the usual ‘skirting board’ which would have added to the width and depth.

In all the years we’ve been making Eco-Loo’s, we’ve never painted one white ourselves, but we *really* like the contrast between the white sides and the wood top.

If you’re interested in an Eco-Loo, whether one of our standard models, or a customised version, why not get in touch?

For more information on the Eco-Loo range of waterless compost toilets, click here.


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