Eco-Loo Compost Toilets in new colours!

Most of the Eco-Loo compost toilets we make are sent out ‘untreated’, that is, it’s left to the customer to apply their chosen wood finish or paint. Last week, we sent out two Eco-Loo toilets, both painted. We’ve also started using a new technique to apply the paint, which makes it faster for us, and gives a better finish overall.

The first was an Eco-Loo Divert, which the customer has requested was painted in Farrow & Ball ‘Drainpipe’ Grey eggshell – personally, I’m not usually a fan of dark grey, but I have to admit that was quite taken by the overall effect, but you can judge for yourself…

The other toilet was an Eco-Loo Capture 12/25, finished in Dark Green eggshell (a Valspar colour in this case). This particular green is a personal favourite of ours, in fact, our own shed toilet was painted in this colour. Green is quite a reactive colour, in the sense that when the light fades, it appears to go much darker, almost grey.


Anyway, having got these safely shipped out, we’ve got a batch of 5 Eco-Loo Diverts to be made, 3 of which are off to an allotment society, but more on that next month…

If any of these have tickled your fancy, check out the specifications and prices in the Eco-Loo section of the shop.

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