Dr Poo and the TURDIS

With apologies to all Dr Who fans out there…

We were really excited to receive an order to make one of our lovely Eco-Loo 20 Divert, waterless compost toilets, and paint it in our newest colour, Farrow & Ball ‘Stiff Key‘ blue. I did some testing with the colour and absolutely loved the depth of blue and how it changes with different lighting throughout the day and evening.

The final result is spectacular – we really love it. It also has a bit of similarity in colour with the famous public call box from BBC TV’s  “Dr Who” – the TARDIS. Perhaps we need to make one with windows and faux doors in it for a Dr Who fan, or should that be Dr Poo fan, so they can sit on their own TURDIS!

Eco-Loo Divert 20 painted in 'Stiff Key' Blue

This one is now happily on its way to its new owners, who live in Cologne, Germany and who plan to install it deep in a forest…

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