Introducing the new Eco-Loo Mini Capture 10/18

With the launch of the ‘D’ shaped 10 litre urine bottle, we’ve revised the Eco-Loo Mini Capture slightly to accommodate the new bottle.

In the end, we only had to add 1cm to the width (other dimensions remain the same), yet we’ve managed to double the urine storage capacity from 5 to 10 litres. The new bottle, together with the urine separator are now manufactured with SteriTouch™ which is a silver-ion based additive that inhibits bacterial growth, massively improving the hygiene of these products.

The inner base and lower sides are also covered in vinyl and silicone sealed so any accidental spillages are contained and easily mopped up.

With the compact, rectangular 18 litre solids container, the Eco-Loo Mini Capture 10/18 is the ideal compost toilet for people who are tight on space.

Photos show the first production model, painted in Farrow & Ball ‘Calke Green’ eggshell.

Eco-Loo Mini Capture 10/18 - looking at the urine separator Eco-Loo Mini Capture 10/18

Eco-Loo Mini Capture 10/18 - sealed base Eco-Loo Mini Capture 10/18 interior view

As of May 2017, we are currently working through a backlog of producing toilets, so will not put this model up for sale until we are a bit more on top of things!

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