A users perspective – compost toilet on a narrowboat

It’s all well and good when manufacturers or resellers exude the benefits of a compost toilet, whether it’s on land or in a narrowboat. Of course you’d expect them to tell you how good they are, and that they don’t smell etc etc.  But it’s even better when real users tell you that they are that good!

Alan bought a Kildwick Kabin Capture and comments that it’s “so simple…”, “beautifully made…”, that the “customer service was fantastic…” and that he is “very happy…”.

Take a look & listen to the video below – obviously, a very happy customer!

To find out more about the Kildwick Kabin Capture featured below, and place your order, follow this link. And remember, now that The Little House Co is part of Kildwick Ltd, you are buying directly from the manufacturer and will benefit from the excellent pre and post sales support, as well as the lifetime warranty on the base of the Kildwick Kabin!

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