Eco-Loo Tongue & Groove Effect coming soon!

Update: The T&G effect version is now shipping! Chose your finish with the Eco-Loo Capture or Eco-Loo Divert.

Eco-Loo Fluted in Downpipe

Since we introduced the new 2019 Kildwick Eco-Loo Capture and Divert compost toilets a couple of months ago, some customers have said how much they miss the tongue & groove style of the original Eco-Loo.

After a bit of experimentation, we have developed a template to route grooves in the front and sides to give it that classic T&G effect! The option is available now on all new Eco-Loo’s and will initially be a no-cost option!

Get in touch today to place your order!

We can usually supply the unpainted version within a week, and within 2 weeks for the painted ones.


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