About Us

All about us...

The Little House Company was born in August 2012. In August 2018, it was taken over by Kildwick Ltd (see below...), based in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

The products we make and sell are ‘change enablers’ and not just green gimmicks. Through their use, understanding and deployment, you can reduce your impact or even have a net positive effect on the environment both around you, and on a wider scale. You can’t just ‘buy your way’ into making a difference – you need a different mindset too!

Our primary product range is waterless, urine-diverting compost toilets – these make a great difference compared to a regular toilet because they not only use no water (so you save precious drinking-quality water, and save the energy used to purify and transport it to you), but you can also create a useful product out of the ‘waste’, which would previously have been passed on to someone else to deal with.

Our own range, Eco-Loo started when The Little House Co made a simple wooden compost toilet base to use with a plastic urine separator and installed it a shed. The then owner, Martin, made a YouTube video and wrote a blog about it. Then people asked him if he could make one for them.

Over the following years, as more and more people asked us to make them, we bought appropriate and specialised power tools and improved our production methods, although they were still largely hand-made.

In mid 2018, it was getting incredibly hard and stressful to keep up with the demand for Eco-Loo products, so Martin looked at various options and ways forward. When the main distributor of Separett in the UK stopped trading, we lost 50% of our turnover and decided we had to act.

Martin then passed the reigns and ownership of The Little House Co over to Kildwick Ltd, an established compost toilet manufacturer with extensive facilities, R&D and production capability.

Kildwick Ltd is run and owned by Colin Ives and Maria Matthews, who between them developed the original Kildwick Kompact urine diverter...