Typical Installations

Here, we’ve collected together the blog/news items that feature typical installations of compost toilets – these include both installations that we’ve done, plus customers own work.

  • Compost toilet in a shed in Sheffield. [Read more]
  • 2 Privy 500’s for a Woodland Retreat in Somerset. [Read more]
  • Villa 9010 and Solar System in Paxos, Greece. [Read more]
  • DIY Compost Loo on Replica Dutch-Style Barge. [Read more]
  • Bumblebee Farm Glamping Field installation. [Read more]
  • DIY Compost Loo in a South London home. [Read more]
  • Villa 9000 installation in Oxford Garden House. [Read more]
  • DIY Compost Loo on a Narrow Boat. [Read more]
  • Our own DIY Compost Loo in a Shed. [Read more]

Have you got a compost loo installed that we could feature here? If so, get in contact!

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