Preparing a compost toilet for first use by adding some soak material

The use of a soak material in the solids container is an important aspect of preparing a compost toilet for use, either when new, or when it’s just been emptied.

We recommend chainsaw sawdust or fine wood shavings (often sold as pet bedding), because they’re inexpensive (sometimes free), carbon-rich and highly effective. As well as being used as a soak, they can also be used as a cover material too. If you can find another suitable material, try it and see (and let us know).

In this video we show you how quick and easy it is to prepare a urine diverting compost toilet for use.

The woodshavings shown in this video are commonly sold as ‘pet bedding’ in shops such as Wilkinsons and B&M Stores (in the UK) and cost around 60 pence for the packet shown (as of September 2018) although some supermarkets sell them for £1.50. Larger quantities are also available from country stores and equine suppliers.

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