Press Release

Press Release – Little House Co joins Kildwick Ltd

TWO GREAT BRITISH COMPOST TOILET COMPANIES COME TOGETHER TO CREATE THE LARGEST COMPOST TOILET BUSINESS IN THE UK SUMMARY: Compost toilet manufacturer, The Little House Co have joined Kildwick Ltd, based in Skipton, to create what is possibly the largest compost toilet company in the UK. Bringing together The Little House Co’s specialism for land-based[…]Read more

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Eco-Loo Divert 20 in Stiff Key Blue

Dr Poo and the TURDIS

With apologies to all Dr Who fans out there… We were really excited to receive an order to make one of our lovely Eco-Loo 20 Divert, waterless compost toilets, and paint it in our newest colour, Farrow & Ball ‘Stiff Key’ blue. I did some testing with the colour and absolutely loved the depth of[…]Read more

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Eco-Loo Compost Toilets in new colours!

Most of the Eco-Loo compost toilets we make are sent out ‘untreated’, that is, it’s left to the customer to apply their chosen wood finish or paint. Last week, we sent out two Eco-Loo toilets, both painted. We’ve also started using a new technique to apply the paint, which makes it faster for us, and[…]Read more

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