Compost Bins & Incinerators

With a compost toilet, the physical toilet is just a part of a whole system. The rest of the system is either a compost bin (to enable the contents to be safely composted) or some other way of rendering the contents safe, such as an incinerator.

The rapid HOTBIN compost bin make short work of creating compost from raw materials you collect in your compost toilet and from other sources. Although you can use almost any compost bin, the HOTBIN excels like no other! With composting temperatures of 60°C, it’s up to 32x faster than ‘cold’ composting, and as well as your compost toilet contents, you can add almost anything organic! As recommended and used by gardening expert and forager, Alys Fowler in the Guardian.

In situations where you are unable to compost, then burning the contents may be appropriate. We sell the Separett Burn as the ideal solution in such cases.