Eco-Loo Compost Toilets

Eco-Loo LogoEco-Loo are a range of  great value compost toilets. They really are “The Way to Go – Anywhere”!

There are broadly two types of Eco-Loo – the Divert which is for permanent installations where the urine can be run into a soak-pit near to where the toilet is, and the Capture that literally holds the urine inside the loo (and hence needs regular emptying) which is ideal for people in mobile situations (such as those needing a compost toilet on a narrow boat, caravans, or campervan) or where it’s not possible to directly discharge urine into the ground. If you’re not sure of the right one for you, give us a call or drop us an email…

Eco-Loo compost toilets are gracing many dwellings across the UK and Europe including inside caravans, campervans, sheds, yurts, garden offices, campsites, barges, narrowboats, holiday cottages, workshops and more!

Each Eco-Loo is hand-made to order. Please read the product description for details of production times etc., or contact us to discuss your requirements.