10 Litre Urine Bottle – D Shaped with Carry Handle

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10 Litre Urine collection bottle with wide opening and carry handle. Ideal for people who are building their own compost toilets and need to capture urine (for example on a boat or motorhome/caravan where it’s not possible to discharge it directly outside).


The ‘Delta 10’ is a 10 litre (2.6 US gallon) purpose-designed urine collection bottle for urine diverting compost toilets.

Ideal if you are making your own compost toilet, or as an additional bottle for the Eco-Loo Capture Vardo (2019 spec onwards), or Kildwick Kabin compost toilet.


  • Extremely durable, heavy duty plastic construction can withstand day-to-day knocks and use.
  • Made with anti-bacterial plastic – helps reduces urine odours by inhibiting bacterial activity.
  • Wide mouth means it empties fast, without ‘glugging’, and makes it easy to clean.
  • Sturdy, hand shaped grip handle and strap.
  • Low centre of gravity makes transporting simpler, especially though narrow doors.

Made from semi-translucent sturdy anti-bacterial plastic, has a large opening and cap in the centre which enables it to sit under urine-separating toilet bowls. The integral handle makes removing, carrying and emptying straightforward and the large opening reduces ‘glugging’ for rapid emptying.

Ideal for people who are building their own compost toilets and need to capture urine (for example on a boat or motorhome/caravan where it’s not possible to discharge it directly outside into a soakaway or drain), or as an additional urine container for your Eco-Loo or Kildwick compost toilet.

With a maximum capacity of 10 litres, it is ideal for full-time use by a couple of people or a small family. As a rough guide, a person produces about 1- 1.5 litres of urine daily so this will give around 6 days capacity for a single person, although we would recommend daily emptying if possible. When completely full, it will weigh around 10kg.

The opening and cap is a generous size – allowing a quick visual check on contents and also means a great of flexibility in terms of the spout from the urine separator – allowing for it coming down at a slight angle if your toilet top is hinged.


  • Height: 300 mm (excluding cap & screw)
  • Width: 334mm
  • Depth: 145mm at widest point

The Delta 10 is made from extremely tough and durable materials that will withstand constant heavy use and cleaning.

Tip – Urine Odour Prevention! Stale urine can smell and will eventually form a ‘crust’ on the inside of the container and pipework, with the possibility of odours lingering. The best way to prevent odours is to empty and rinse the urine container out as regularly as possible – perhaps daily. In addition, some people like to use the Eco Urine blocks in the separator, which will impart a perfume on each use and deploy  an enzyme which helps prevent a crust developing. You can also use a spray bottle with a weak white vinegar solution to spray the toilet bowl after each use – this will again help with odours and urine crystallising.

Where can you discharge urine?

Never discharge urine into a waterway (ditch, canal, river etc) as it’s full of nutrients and can cause algal blooms – it is illegal to discharge urine into UK canals. Urine is considered ‘grey water’ can be emptied at an ‘elsan’ point (chemical toilet emptying point), toilets and most drains. You can also spread it around trees/bushes and on the ground – well away from a water course and in a place that would not cause a nuisance. Don’t discharge in the same place over and over again.


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