20 litre Solid Waste Container

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High quality FOOD GRADE plastic solids bucket. Supplied with lid and carry handle. Black colour.

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Ideal for your DIY compost toilet project and a great accompaniment to the Kildwick Kompact, Klassic, Separett Privy 500 or Privy 501 urine separating toilet seat. Also suitable as an extra bucket for your Eco-Loo Divert 20 toilet.

Slightly smaller capacity and dimensions than the 25 litre container means it can fit in smaller spaces, reducing the overall dimensions of your compost toilet.

This food grade high density plastic container comes with a lid and metal carry handle!

All our compostable/bio degradable bags will fit this container.

Volume = 20 litres (maximum), Top Ø = 32 cm, Base Ø = 28 cm, Height: 34 cm.

How long will it last in situ?

There are a number of factors that determine how long a solids container will last before it needs to be emptied. It depends on how much toilet paper is placed in it, your diet, whether and how much cover material is used etc. However, as a guide, for a urine separating toilet, we expect a 20 litre solids container to give around 6 weeks use for one person, assuming the user doesn’t use any other toilet.