32mm Urine Pipe Adaptor

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This adaptor enables you to convert the Separett 32mm urine pipe connector (either the straight or the elbow) into standard UK 32mm push-fit waste pipe.

Works with the connectors that come with the Separett Villa 9000, 9010 and Weekend dry compost toilets, and makes installation even easier by converting the Separett urine pipe into standard, inexpensive and readily available waste pipe fittings.

Please note that the adaptor does not come with any additional pipe – photos are for illustration only!

Installation Options

There are various ways to install the 32mm – 32mm adaptor, depending on your particular setup/requirements. On the last of the product photos, you’ll see the adaptor fitted to a Separett Villa 9000. In this case, we have attached the 90 degree elbow connector (part of the standard installation kit with the Villa and Weekend toilets) to the back of the toilet – the 32mm – 32mm adaptor then attaches to elbow connector and standard 32mm ‘push-fit’ waste pipe is then used to take the urine outside etc.

In another installation, we used the straight connector (again, part of the standard installation kit with the Villa and Weekend) and the supplied flexible urine pipe to go straight out of the building, behind the toilet. Once outside, we used the 90 degree elbow to connect to the 32mm – 32mm adaptor and into standard push-fit pipe.



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