Bag & Bin Compostable Solids Container Liners – Roll of 26

£14.95 inc. VAT

Ideal for mobile users where you have a compost toilet on a narrow boat or motorhome. Enables solids to be double bagged and placed in an refuse container with correct markings to alert waste handlers of the contents.


100% compostable liners fits most sizes of solids containers (18-24 litre).

Can be used like any biodegradable bag for solid waste. Contact with moisture (and heat) will start the degrading process, so we suggest these bags are not left in use for more then 3 weeks – they well last much longer, but their strength may be compromised.

These bags have been specifically designed for use in compost toilets and have appropriate waste disposal markings for use with human waste which includes dark stripes that indicate sanitary waste and text which highlights what the bag may contain. If binning, always double-bag and ideally empty well before your bucket is full. Most refuse containers can take human waste of properly bagged and identified so please be responsible and use these bags if you are binning.

Each roll of 26 liners/bags includes instructions on responsible use. Manufactured in UK for Kildwick.


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