BioBag 25 litre Compostable Bag – Roll of 25

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25 litre BioBag is a cost effective alternative when you are using a composting toilet for shorter periods of time between emptying the solids container – ideal for owners of holiday cottages, yurts and shepherds huts that have a compost toilet installed and wish to empty the toilet on changeover day. Unlike the Separett bags (which are designed to last around 4 weeks ‘in-situ’ but can be much slower to decompose on the compost heap), BioBags can start to decompose after around 7-10 days of use.

They will decompose on the compost heap in as little as 14 days (depending on the method of composting – 14 days is the minimum, but typically they can take 30-45 days depending on heat and moisture levels).

BioBags come on a roll of 25 bags and will fit most compost toilets with solids containers up to 25 litres, including the Eco-Loo Divert and Capture, as well as the Separett Villa and Weekend. To prolong the life of a bio degradable bag in ‘use’ we recommend adding a layer of soak material once the bag is in place. This can an inch (2-3cm) of sawdust, dry garden compost, cocoa shells, chopped flax, shavings etc – basically anything that is organic and most importantly – dry.

  • 25 litre capacity
  • 25 bags per roll
  • 600 x 600 mm
  • 100% Biodegradable and Compostable
  • Certified by “OK Compost” and “Din Certco” according to the European Standard EN13432
  • The green ink used for printing, is certified by OK Compost according to the European Standard EN13432
  • BioBag is made from the raw material MaterBi. The material contains starch, biodegradable polyester and other natural plasticizers.

Biobags need to be stored in cool, dark, dry conditions to keep them at their best – A cupboard or drawer is ideal. Under these conditions, you would expect them to have a shelf life of approximately 18 months.

Using them – our experience

Because we don’t just sell compost toilets, we also use them, we can give you the benefit of our experience. Having used BioBags in a ‘sawdust’ compost toilet (ie no fan to draw odours away), we have found that BioBags stay substantially intact beyond 14 days (although I would not ‘trust’ them at this point). Part of this is because we were using a lot of sawdust, which is relatively dry. However, your experience might be different from ours so do your own tests!

We’ve also found that although they do compost, it’s actually best not to place them in the compost bin. That might sound contradictory, but they present a large mass of material for the compost bin to break down. If you place a full bag directly in the bin, it will take a while for the outer bag to break down before the inner contents are available for composting. This can mean the inner contents can start to compost anaerobically which is not what you want. Even if you empty the contents and drop the bag in separately, the bag itself presents quite a large mass to break down – in reality, it’s probably best to dispose of the bag in your regular rubbish, where it will biodegrade. But… it’s up to you – try it and see what works best!


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