Compost Toilet Starter Pack

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Everything you need to get started with a waterless compost toilet – mini bale of wood shavings, roll of 25 biodegradeable bags (25 litre), pack of 5 eco-urinal blocks and a spray bottle to spritz the bowl!

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Our compost toilet starter pack gives you everything you need to get up and running with any urine-separating compost loo and includes:

  • Pack of wood shavings (to act as base soak and odour cover)
  • Roll of 25 ‘BioBag’ biodegradable bags (to fit containers up to 25 litres)
  • Pack of 5 eco-urinal blocks
  • 500ml spray bottle (to ‘spritz’ the urine separator)
  • Instruction booklet and helpful guide

compost toilet starter kit

The wood shavings mini bale is highly compressed ‘pet bedding’ – we suggest you place a layer at the bottom of your solids container even if your toilet has a fan, to a) act as a soak in case any liquid gets in and b) keep the base oxygenated (by maintaining some air gaps) which will help emptying and keep the process aerobic.

The ‘BioBag’ biodegradable bags are ideal as a liner for all solids containers from 13L to 25L. They make emptying the solids a much simpler matter and are especially helpful if you are new to composting! The liner is usually placed inside the container first and a layer (around 2-4 cm) of shavings added as a ‘soak’ in the bottom. BioBag liners will stay intact for at least 7 days but in our experience, they will usually last 3 weeks once in use, depending on temperature and moisture levels, however if you need them to last longer, just double line your container.

The eco-urinal blocks are placed in the front of the urine separator and release a perfume and an enzyme when a person urinates. The enzyme will help prevent urine from scaling up and potentially clogging the pipework. Eco-urinal blocks are safe to discharge onto the land, although we would not recommend using them if you are intending to capture urine for use as a fertiliser on plants. Each block can be cut into four smaller pieces for ease of use if you prefer.

The spray bottle should be kept close to your compost toilet and can be filled with a weak white vinegar and water solution. After using the toilet, you can ‘spritz’ the bowl with the spray which will help neutralise urine odours and keep things looking clean. Consider this the ‘flush’.

Our handy mini guide will help you get the most from the items we include in the starter pack and includes many other useful hints and tips!

Please note the design and appearance of the individual items in the pack might vary, but will always be equivalent to those shown.


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