Eco-Loo Divert – Urine diverting off-grid compost toilet

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The brand new 2019 Eco-Loo Divert is here now. Built to order in around 7 days, it’s the ideal urine diverting, waterless compost toilet for permanent and semi-permanent installations! Give us a call to order or to get more information!


The new 2019 Eco-Loo Divert replaces the previous Eco-Loo Divert 20.

The Eco-Loo Divert is a urine-diverting, waterless, compost toilet designed for permanent or semi permanent installations. By separating liquids from solids (wee from poo), it makes management of the toilet simple.

Particularly suited to land-based installations where there is no sewerage system or septic tank, such as:

  • houses
  • garden offices
  • sheds
  • allotments
  • shepherds huts
  • glamping sites
  • holiday accommodation
  • off-grid get-aways
  • remote huts etc.
  • woodlands
  • static caravans (inc touring caravans that are mainly permanently sited)

The elegant design, automatically diverts urine away from the toilet and into an external soak-away pit. Solids drop through into the inner container, where you cover with some wood shavings (and/or use the optional 12v fan for complete odour and moisture control) for odour control. When the solids container is full, it can be emptied onto a compost bin for safe decomposition for twelve months or more.

It’s simple, elegant and it just works!

About the Eco-Loo Divert compost toilet – 2019 design.

After five years of essentially the same design (albeit with some dimension and material changes), we found ourselves unable to cope with the demand due to the complex and hand-made nature of the manufacture of the original Eco-Loo Divert. The best way to speed up production whilst maintaining the quality, simplicity and functionality of the previous models was to create the toilet box from CNC cut birch plywood.

We now also offer the option of having the front and sides ‘fluted’ to look like the previous ‘tongue and groove’ design for that classic rustic look! This is available at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

We’ve built in loads of features and options (some not available just yet…) that means this off-grid compost toilet is:

  • Modular
  • Expandable
  • Adaptable
  • Beautiful!

It’s based around a proven design, high quality fibre-glass urine separator and a 23 litre ‘solids’ container. Both of these items have SteriTouch, an anti-bacterial agent built in. The solids container comes with a lid, has built in grab handles and is stackable (if you wish to store several before emptying). The square shape provides the maximum capacity for the space taken up.

The toilet seat and lid is a ‘standard’ close, and is solid oak that looks beautiful.

The toilet box is made from engineered and precision CNC cut 15mm birch plywood. Birch is a relatively dense wood that gives a very smooth surface for painting or staining and is very tough. We’ve also fitted some feet on the bottom so it stands very slightly off the floor, which will help protect the toilet.

The Eco-Loo Divert comes with pre cut holes for the optional fan (blanking plates are supplied when the fan is not fitted), along with three options on where the urine comes out (by default, we fit it to the rear, but it can come out of the left or right side).

The urine pipe is 32mm. You can connect this to your pipework (to lead to the soak-away pit for example) using solvent weld or compression type fittings which are readily available from DIY stores and plumbers merchants.


  • Size: 400mm (max. width) x 525mm (front to back) x 460mm (height to seat)
  • Solids Tank Capacity: 23 litres – antibacterial
  • Urine outlet (to external soakpit or tank) on rear – can be to either side.
  • Solid Oak standard toilet seat (optional plastic soft close)
  • 15mm birch plywood construction – sides, top and base
  • Kick trim around base


As mentioned above, by default, we fit an standard solid oak toilet seat, although you can also specify a white plastic soft-close seat if you prefer.

The optional 12 volt fan provides continuous ventilation and is ideal when you either want to use less cover material or in a holiday let situation where guests might be new to compost toilets. The fan connects to standard 50mm rigid pipework (again, available from DIY stores and builders merchants) and can vent outside where odours will dissipate rapidly. Alternatively, you can just use a cover material such as wood shavings.

We can also supply a 230 volt AC to 12 volt DC adaptor where mains power is available, however the fan draws very little power and can easily be run from a solar panel and battery.

You can purchase your Eco-Loo unpainted, so you can paint, stain, varnish, or oil it yourself, or we can optionally paint it for you. We now use professional ‘2-part’ lacquer by Morrells which is colour matched to the previous Farrow & Ball colours we used (All White®, Blue Ground®, Calke Green®, Stiffkey Blue® and Downpipe Grey®) – the advantage being these finishes are incredibly tough and hard wearing. The sheen level is 40%, equivalent to ‘satinwood’. Other colours are available, so if you’re after a particular one, please get in touch.

2019 Eco-Loo Colours

Future Proof and Adaptable

As we have unified the design between the Divert and Capture, it’s now possible to buy one model and convert to the other! This gives you maximum freedom particularly if you know that your needs might change in the future.

Other fan and ventilation options means that you’ll be able to use the Eco-Loo almost anywhere. There’s also some other options that we’re not launching just yet, but the facility for them is built into the new 2019 Eco-Loo right now, making it highly adaptable.


Because of the new manufacturing methods, we can usually manufacture your Eco-Loo in around 7 working days, and around 14 days for a painted/lacquered one. No more 6-8 week waiting lists!

How to use it?

Once your soak-away pit is dug (or other method of collecting urine) and the pipe is connected, there’s usually nothing more to do in terms of urine – it just runs into the pit and the soil bacteria do there work.

The solids container will need emptying every so often (we expect it to last around 3 weeks for a couple of people) – assuming you have used biodegradable liners, just open the top of the toilet, tie up the liner and put the lid on the container – this can be be lifted out and the contents put into your compost bin. For details on composting, click here. Alternatively, if you cannot compost, you can bag and bin the contents of the solids container, but you must use the appropriately labelled bags and should always double-bag. We always recommend composting rather than binning, but we accept not everyone can do this all the time.

Got any more questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Additional information

Eco-Loo Finish

, , , , ,

Eco-Loo Seat Type

Solid Oak – standard close, White Plastic – Soft Close


No fan, 12 Volt Background Fan


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