Eco-Loo 12v Silent Fan Kit – 60mm Fan, 68mm Pipe connector

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Provides constant low-speed, low-noise ventilation to ensure an odour-free experience with either the Eco-Loo Compost Toilets or your own design. Quiet and low power consumption at 12V DC. Standard 68mm ‘downpipe’ fittings for simplicity. Complete with electrical connectors and Vent Cover.

Also available as a 24V DC fan – please enquire.

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The Eco-Loo Silent Fan Kit can be fitted to your own design of compost toilet or the Eco-Loo Divert or Capture and provides a high quality, low noise 12 volt DC fan built into a custom housing for ease of installation.

Update 20/2/18. The fan is now even quieter at around 11 decibels, has lower power consumption, and comes complete with a 2.1 mm plug and socket, and a 76mm screened air vent.

Also available in a 24V DC version – please enquire…

The housing fits from the inside of the toilet and is secured with screws (or glue) – a cylindrical protrusion from the rear will then accept standard 68mm round ‘drain pipe’ fittings to enable you to run the vent pipe outside.

In order to fit the fan, you will need to cut a 64 or 65mm hole in the back of your toilet base (most Eco-Loo bases come with the hole pre-cut).

Typical Eco-Loo Fan installation

The fan is classed as a ‘silent’ fan – not strictly speaking 100% true, but it’s the quietest fan we’ve found (around 11 dBA) that still offers good performance and extremely low power consumption, making it ideal for off-grid / solar / wind powered installations. The fan is a high quality unit (brushless axel fan with maglev technoogy) – the low noise is achieved through excellent blade design and high quality bearings on the motor – although there are much cheaper fans on the market, they are often twice as loud as this one which can become a considerable annoyance.

Please note this fan requires around 12 volts DC and consumes around 0.02 Amps (0.25 watt). If you wish to connect this to the mains, you’ll need a 240 volt AC to 12 volt DC adaptor that can maintain this current – we also sell these, so check our website…

How does it work?

The fan can be run continuously and will draw air over the ‘solids’ bucket in your composting toilet and then out through standard 68mm drainpipe where any odours can be passed outside where they’ll quickly dissipate. The act of drawing air over the solids container creates a slight low pressure in the solids bucket which will also help to draw moisture out, further reducing the odour potential and accelerating oxidisation of the contents. With urine-separating toilets, the key is keeping the moisture levels under control – a fan will assist with this, as well as assisting with odour control.

We’d recommend as short a run of vent pipe as possible with as few bends. If possible, keep the vent pipe length to a maximum of 2 metres. Make sure your toilet has adequate air flow (ie your must allow fresh air into the toilet box) otherwise the fan will labour and efficiency will be reduced.

The use of the fan means that you don’t have to to use as much sawdust, wood shavings or other cover material after each ‘solid’ deposit, although we still recommend having some cover material available for people to use if they wish. Adding some cover material will greatly enhance the composting process by balancing out the carbon and nitrogen levels.

Fan Specifications

Rated Speed – 2.,500 rpm
Rated Voltage – 12 volts DC
Voltage Range – 6 – 13.8 volts DC
Rated Current (A) – 0.02 A (240 mW)
Flow Rate – 13.8 CFM
Noise Rating – 10.7 dBA*
Operating temperature -10ºC to +70ºC(Non-condensing)
Life expectancy – 40,000 hours, indoor environment (survival rate 90% at 60º C, rated voltage, and continuously run in a free air state)

* Noise rating is measured at 1 metre from the air intake and is the manufacturers measurement. Other factors such as the surroundings, materials used and obstructions to the air flow will impact on the perceived noise levels.

This product is RoHS compliant.

Off-Grid Use

Many people, who don’t have mains electricity, will find this fan useful due to it’s low power consumption. To help put this into context, let’s examine a situation where you have a 100 AH (Amp Hour) 12 volt leisure battery. A 100 AH battery can supply 100 amps for 1 hour, or 1 Amp for 100 hours (or anything in between), however, as batteries don’t like to be over discharged, we suggest not letting them fall below 50% of their capacity, so that means a 100 AH battery has a ‘real world’ useable capacity of around 50 AH.

The fan has a power consumption of 0.02 Amps, which we could also express as 0.02 AH (Amps per hour), which gives us 0.48 AH per day (0.02 x 24 hours). In theory, this means the battery (in our example, it has 50 AH of available capacity) could run this fan for around 100 days. In practice, this won’t be achievable because the battery will loose some charge over time, and as the battery ages, it’s original capacity won’t be available. However, a small solar panel would easily keep the battery topped up, or you could take it away for re-charging on a mains charger elsewhere. Other electrical items such as lights and USB chargers have not been factored in, but hopefully this puts the minuscule power consumption into context!



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