Eco Urinal Blocks – Pack of 10

£9.99 inc. VAT


Ideal for use in the Eco-Loo Waterless Urinal, and other urine diverting toilets such as the Eco-Loo Divert, Eco-Loo Capture, Kildwick, and Separett range (Privy, Weekend and Villa)

The blocks contain a selection on natural enzymes, cleaning and water softening agents, perfume and colour. Each time someone urinates on them, some of the block is dissolved, which will help stop urine crystalising in the pipework (which can eventually block them) it will also release an odour to eliminate urine type smells, and will generally clean and freshen the pipework etc.

They are safe to use and not harmful under COSHH, but should be kept out of the reach of children and animals. Safe to use in septic tanks etc and where urine is discharged into a soakaway pit. If you are intending to capture urine to use as a fertiliser, we would not recommend using these blocks.

Depending on your urine separator / urinal, some people break the blocks into quarters so they fit better.

Supplied as a bag of 10 blocks.


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