Fan only – 12v 60mm ‘Low Noise’

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If you’re looking to build your own compost toilet setup and need a small, quiet but powerful fan then this might fit the bill! It’s the same one that we fit into the custom housing of the GudLoo Quiet Fan Kit, but in this case, it’s just the fan itself, so you’d have to make your own arrangements for mounting it etc.

The fan is classed as a ‘silent’ fan – not strictly speaking 100% true, but it’s the quietest fan we’ve found (at around 20 dBA) that still offers good performance and extremely low power consumption, making it ideal for off-grid / solar / wind powered installations. The fan is made by Sanyo Denki – the low noise is achieved through excellent blade design and high quality bearings on the motor – although there are much cheaper fans on the market, they are often twice as loud as this one which can become a considerable annoyance.

Please note this fan requires around 12 volts DC and consumes around 80 mA (just under 1 watt). If you wish to connect this to the mains, you’ll need a 240 volt AC to 12 volt DC adaptor that can maintain around 80 mA / 1 watt – these should be available from DIY stores or electronics shops such as Maplin (in the UK). For standard operation, connect the positive 12v DC to the red wire and the negative to the black – the yellow wire is not used.

Positioning the fan?

Ideally, the fan should run continuously and will draw air over the ‘solids’ bucket in your composting toilet base and then out either directly or through some form of vent pipe. The size of this fan (60mm diameter) has been chosen to facilitate the use of standard 68mm drainpipes/gutter pipes – larger fans may cause air buffeting if used with 68mm pipe which increases the noise. The act of drawing air over the solids container also creates a slight low pressure in the container which will also help to draw moisture out, further reducing the odour potential and accelerating oxidisation of the contents. With urine-separating toilets, the key is keeping the solids as dry as possible – a fan will assist with this, as well as assisting with odour control.

We’d recommend as short a run of vent pipe as possible with as few bends. If possible, keep the vent pipe length to a maximum of 2 metres.

Fan Specifications

Size – 60 x 60 x 25mm
Rated Speed – 2,700 rpm
Rated Voltage – 12 volts DC
Voltage Range – 6 – 13.8 volts DC
Rated Current (A) – 0.08 A
Flow Rate – Imperial: 17.3 cu.ft/min ;- Metric: 0.49 m³/min
Noise Rating – 20 dBA*
Operating temperature -10ºC to +70ºC(Non-condensing)
Life expectancy – 40,000 hours,indoor environment (survival rate 90% at 60º C, rated voltage, and continuously run in a free air state)

* Noise rating is measured at 1 metre from the air intake and is the manufacturers measurement. Other factors such as the surroundings, materials used and obstructions to the air flow will impact on the perceived noise levels.

This product is RoHS compliant.