Kildwick ‘All You Need Bar the Box’ Capture Kit

£249.00 inc. VAT

A complete kit of highly quality Kildwick branded components that will enable you to build your own ‘Capture’ self-contained compost toilets – all you need to do is make the box it will fit it!


If you’re building your own compost toilet, don’t settle for sub standard components – this kit provides everything you need, but gives you the create freedom to make your own ‘box’ or housing and be as outrageous or conservative as you like with the style!!!

This kit of parts includes all the hard-to-get parts that you’ll need to build your own ‘capturing’ self-contained compost toilet – ideal for mobile users on land or water! Just add the box!


  • Antibacterial top-fitting urine separator
  • Antibacterial 23L Solids Tank with lid (square, stackable design)
  • Antibacterial 10L liquids tank with easy-grip handle and wide opening to allow easy discharge and cleaning
  • Leak-proof tray and splash-guard – you can use this to set the size of your own box
  • Stainless-steel strainer (for use in the separator to stop cover material going into the urine container)
  • Soft-close plastic white seat
  • Roll of 100% compostable bags to line the solids tank.

Building your own toilet box:

You can use the included leak-proof tray as a size guide to building your toilet box, although you can also go larger if needed. You can make a frame and clad in any suitable material, or get some plywood cut to size.

The minimum internal box size is 450mm (17 1/2″) front to back and 350mm (14″ ) wide.

The leak-proof tray means that if the urine container spills, excess urine (up to 1 litre) will be contained within the easy to clean tray and not soak into the surrounding wood where it might fester and cause odours.

As mentioned above, these are the same high-quality Kildwick parts used in our fully-built toilets. You just provide the box!

If you want the box too, we also have the Kildwick Konstruct kit which includes everything, box too!


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