Kildwick Kabin Divert Compost Toilet

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A urine diverting compost toilet that’s ideal for narrow spaces!

The Kildwick Kabin Divert compost toilet is a hand-made, extremely versatile compost toilet that’s ideal for land-based on and off-grid installation such as sheds, shepherds huts, camp sites, glamping sites etc, in fact anywhere where you can discharge urine into a ground-based soak-pit or external container.


Due to high demand, please allow 3-4 weeks for construction and for your choice of finish to be applied.

The Kildwick Kabin Divert compost toilet is ideal for permanent, land-based installations where the urine will be diverted away from the toilet and into an external container or soak-pit. The ‘Flex’ urine divert link which sends the urine to a standard 32mm pipe at the rear of the toilet.

  • 23L removable solids container with lid made with durable anti-bacterial plastic.
  • Full-sized wooden seat
  • Use shavings as odour control and/or optional fan for assisted ventilation
  • Glass fibre monocoque base is light and leak-proof
  • All fibre glass surfaces contain SteriTouch™ antibacterial agent for continuous protection and hygeine
  • Choice of colours and finishes
  • Fits small spaces at 390mm wide, 510mm deep
  • 12 volt background ventilation fan as standard – multi-speed fan optional.

The Kildwick Kabin range combines traditional wood exterior with an innovative high-tech, fully waterproof and wipe-clean resin interior – bonded using a Kildwick-developed process that ensure strength and durability. Even the base is 100% sealed – including the end-grain of the wood!

** Note that the antibacterial additive is silver-based and won’t leach into the urine so will not affect its composting abilities or or microbial action once it leaves the separator. Because of this the antibacterial action has a life well-beyond the 10 year tested period.

** It’s easy to convert the Kabin Divert compost toilet to a self contained unit. Simply remove the ‘flex’ connector and pipework from inside the toilet, and drop in the (extra cost) 10 Litre ‘Delta’ bottle and you have a completely self contained unit!

The Kildwick Kabin Divert toilet offers a look that fits a more classical/traditional bathroom environment, and is available in a range of colours and finishes (some finishes are extra cost options). Compact in size, this toilet measures only 390mm x 510mm (width x depth maximum overhang) which usually fits easily in the same place as a Thetford Qube or C200 Cassette toilet.

Hidden High Technology…

Built using a unique monocoque structure, the toilet is both lightweight and very strong – so much more than a fancy ‘box’. The monocoque structure ensures that the unit is completely watertight and allows far more control over ventilation and limits movement of any residual smells into the room or flies getting into the toilet.

The guaranteed water-tight structure not only ensures that your bathroom floor stays hygienic in any eventuality or accident inside the toilet.

Separation is the Key…

Key to ease of use, management and smell reduction/elimination is the use of the best-in-class urine diverter which, as in the name, diverts the urine stream towards the ‘flex’ connector and then through the pipework and out the back of the toilet. The Kabin uses the specially designed Kildwick diverter made of super tough marine quality glass fibre that won’t yellow over time and look grubby like plastic toilets do.


Of course, hygiene, is very important. Toilets can be hard to keep clean and can provide a breeding ground for critters and/or bacteria. The problem with plastic is that it normally used has limited life before it gets scratched or yellows. All Kildwick toilets use very high grade resins to provide a shiny, hard and easy clean surface – a surface that wont yellow and retains its ability to shrug dirt and bacteria – only simple, natural cleaning products are needed to keep it looking great! The resin used throughout the toilet has an additive called SteriTouch® which provides 10+ years protection against bacteria

Key Features & Benefits…


  • Unique monocoque structure: Strong, durable, lightweight
  • Classic Exterior. Fits with almost any bathroom style.
  • High-Tech Interior: Hard, shiny, wipe-clean surface
  • No nooks or crannies to hide dirt, ‘critters’ or bacteria
  • All internal and external glass fibre surfaces include SteriTouch® for ongoing anti-bacterial protection
  • Choice of colours/finishes.
  • 12 volt background ventilation fan as stanard


  • Colours to match base
  • Hinged (stainless steel) to allow access to the solids container and bottle.


  • Custom designed & built to maintain seal between seat & lid and control airflow across the solids container.
  • Matching natural wood or colour finish
  • Hinges marine-grade stainless steel to prevent corrosion
  • (Sorry no soft close, but how hard is it to shut a toilet seat??). Seriously, its critical to retain a seal for both fly and ventilation management – anything else and you might as well have an open bucket and seat!

Urine Separator:

  • High-quality ‘class-leading’ urine separator designed and tested by long-term off-grid design-team.
  • Effective for both male & female ‘wee’ patterns – efficient collection keeping solids dry and preventing urine leaking into there base of the toilet
  • Modern design provides a much more ‘conventional’ look to the toilet when the seat lid is up.
  • Made using high-end resins & gelcoats giving the surface a very high-shine, sanitary, DURABLE and easy-clean surface
  • If you want some glamour – custom options are available at extra cost to include such things as a glitter separator and other finishes to match – contact us to discuss!


Fitted with a 12 volt background vent fan as standard. There are various adaptors (extra cost) to connect this to flexible or rigid ventilation pipe according to your requirements. You can also upgrade to a multi-speed fan, or a carbon filter fan (no external ventilation required) at extra cost – call us to discuss the options.

Solids Storage:

When it comes to containers, experience has shown that bigger isn’t necessarily better. As standard we ship with a 23L stackable solids bucket. This is made from anti-bacterial plastic (non-leaching) and includes and lid and built-in carry handles. Additional buckets are available from us.

Options & Variations

The bottom line is that if you can dream it, Kildwick can probably make it. Let your imagination run wild – why should a toilet be boring? Here’s a beautiful glittery, shabby-chic custom toilet based on the Kildwick Kabin that features a glitter separator and much more – a real head turner!

Kildwick 380 custom finished compost toilet


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