Kildwick Klassic Urine Separator – Glitter Finish

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The perfect way to add some glamour and glitz to your compost toilet is to choose your separator with a glitter finish! Don’t worry though, the glitter is under a smooth, wipe-clean, anti-bacterial gel coat and won’t come off! Each glitter separator is made to order – please allow an addition 7+ days for production.

As featured on Channel 4 – “How to live Mortgage Free”!



Glam up your compost toilet and make it a thing of beauty and the envy of your neighbours and friends by choosing the Kildwick Klassic urine separator with a luscious glitter finish!

As featured on Channel 4’s “How to live Mortage Free” with Sarah Beeny (Episode 1).

The glitter option has all the same attributes as the gloss white, standard Kildwick Klassic urine separator, but during the manufacturing process, coloured metallic glitter and coloured resins are added to the glass fibre to give a permanent effect that will wow the user! The outer gel coat is completely smooth and highly durable!

Each glitter separator is individually made to order – please allow an additional 7 days for production.

Standard colour options are Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Silver with Black, Multi-Colour and Black with Silver. Other colours are available – get in touch to let us know and we’ll see what we can do! Please note that colours shown are only an approximation – each batch of glitter is mixed up by hand and the final perceived colour/effect will depend on lighting and other factors. Some colours are achieved through a mix, for example purple is a mix of deep pink and black glitter.

Standard Specifications

  1. High quality finish that looks great and is easy to keep clean
  2. Top fitting (cut hole and drop through) means no exposed edges of wood for urine to penetrate
  3. Made with SteriTouch® – an anti-bacterial additive for added sanitary protection
  4. Rear ‘drip rail’ stops urine running down the outside of the separator and potentially fouling elsewhere – any excess urine will drip into the bucket below
  5. Tough GRP – the highest quality marine grade GRP strands and resins are used meaning it won’t shatter or split when you’re connecting pipes etc.
  6. Hand made in the UK
  7. Durable ‘spout’ enables a wide variety of connections (see below)
  8. Removable ‘strainer’ means sawdust (if you use this for a cover) is easily trapped and removed
  9. Very simply, this is made well, designed well and made to last!
  10. Professional, robust, well designed and made to last, unlike cheap plastic separators!

The diverter has a versatile and strong spout which enables you to easily connect your chosen fittings and pipework (no fittings are included as standard), including:

  • 34mm Plastic Compression (Waste)
  • 32mm Plastic Push-Fit (Waste)
  • 32mm (1 1/4”) Internal Diameter Reinforced (Corrugated) Flexible Pipe – secured with Jubilee Clip
  • 28mm External Diameter Copper or Plastic Pipe
  • 28mm Spigot – Push Fit
  • 28mm ‘End Feed’ Copper Stub for Neater Spout Stub, 28m-33mm Pipe Attachment or for Soldered Copper Fixing
  • Direct to bottle with bottle openings from 30mm upwards

To install, cut the appropriately sized hole in the top of your toilet box and drop the Kildwick Klassic into place (we recommend trying the shape and size of hole in cardboard first to check alignment etc). You can then fit your chosen toilet seat – we take all the fittings off and screw through the bottom of the lid of the toilet box, through the separator and into the base of the toilet seat. For further information on making your own seat to fit, follow this link:

Will it fit?

Hopefully, these dimensions will help you work out if the Kildwick Klassic will fit…

Kildwick Klassic measurements

On the angled view, the purple dimensions are approximately 300mm front to back and 265mm across. The solids ‘drop’ area is shown in red and is approx. 200mm wide and 155mm deep (front to back) at the lowest and narrowest point.

On the side view, the distance from the underside top to the base of the urine spout is approx. 160mm (although the spout can be cut shorter if required which will also increase it’s diameter slightly). The sides of the drop chute are approx. 110mm – again, these can be cut slightly shorter if required.

The overall width (including the flange) is around 310mm at its maximum and 340mm front to back. The aperture you need to cut is usually slightly larger than the ‘hole’ in a regular toilet seat. We usually cut it to be around 300mm front to back and 265mm side to side, but we suggest you use your toilet seat as the guide.

We’ve used the words ‘approximately’ because being a fibre glass (GRP) product, it’s actually made slightly larger in some dimensions, and then cut to give clean edges etc and hence some variability can occur.

The great advantage of fibre glass is that it can be easily cut if needed without risk of breaking or shattering, and in the worst case scenario, can actually be repaired.

SteriTouch® is an additive used during the manufacture of the Kildwick Klassic. It is a silver-based product that provides natural, long term protection against illness-causing bacteria such as MRSA, Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter. Because it is not a coating (it’s in the material), it’s effectiveness will not diminish over time (10 year+ expected).

Please note, any additional fittings and fixtures (such as seats) are not supplied – this is the urine separator only.

Here’s a brief video showing the Kildwick Klassic – glitter version shown towards the end:


Additional information

Glitter Colour

Blue, Gold, Green, Klassic Glitter, Multi-colour, Pink, Purple, Silver Black


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