Kildwick Kompact Urine Separator

£55.00 inc. VAT

UK designed and hand-made GRP urine diverter – ideal for self build compost toilet projects!


The Kildwick Kompact urine separator (aka Urine Diverter) is a high quality UK-made product that’s the ideal starting point for your waterless compost toilet. Being of a compact, yet completely functional size, it enables you to build a custom designed compost loo that can fit into tiny spaces making it ideal for tiny houses, narrowboats, caravans, sheds, shepherd huts, glamping sites, off-grid homes and more! It’s been designed and tested for both males & females to maximise efficiency (males must sit down though!).

The Kildwick Kompact urine separator is made from extremely tough and durable Glass Fibre (GRP) with a glossy outward finish in white that’s easy to clean and looks hygienic like regular sanitary ware. An anti-bacterial agent (SteriTouch) is incorporated into the gel coat that provides ongoing protection against bacteria.

What makes it better than other, cheaper, plastic separators? 1). High quality gloss white finish, 2). Rear ‘drip rail’ stops urine running down the outside of the separator and potentially fouling elsewhere – any excess urine will drip into the bucket below, 3). Tough GRP – the highest quality marine grade GRP strands and resins are used meaning it won’t shatter or split when you’re connecting pipes etc. 4). Anti-bacterial additive (not a coating) provides long lasting protection. Very simply, this is made well, designed well and made to last!

The diverter has a versatile and strong spout which enables you to easily connect your chosen fittings, urine bottle or pipework (no fittings are included as standard).

The Kildwick Kompact urine separator is fitted from underneath the top of your toilet box and is large enough to fit neatly under a standard toilet seat. Being made from GRP, it’s very strong, enabling it to be cut to shape or have the spout trimmed without undue worry about breakages and is easy to clean with non-abrasive cleaners. Unlike some cheaper separators on the market, it has a rear ‘lip’ which reduced the chance of urine flowing under the separator and potentially creating odour problems.

It comes with a 60mm ‘strainer’ which fits into a recess (it can be siliconed into place if required), which enables the use of waterless urine ‘blocks’ to reduce urine blockage over time and also prevents cover materials from blocking the plumbing.

What’s in the box?

  • White Glass Fibre Separator with High-Gloss ‘Easy-Clean’ Surface. Pre-drilled fixing points
  • Removable ‘Strainer’ for holding urinal blocks and to help prevent sawdust getting into the bottle/pipework.
  • Three Urinal Blocks
  • Neoprene seal for front edge
  • Screws and cup washers for fixing
  • Instruction/information booklet

How do I fit it?

The included instructions give plenty of guidance on fitting the The Kildwick Kompact urine separator,  however you’ll essentially need to think about capturing or diverting the urine, and a bucket or other suitable container for the solids. Odours can be controlled either through the use of sawdust or another suitable cover material (each time you make a ‘deposit’, cover it…) or the use of a fan.

You’ll also need to supply your own toilet seat, although we will be offering some suitable ones in the near future to make fitting easier! If you want to fit your own, we’ve written a handy guide here:


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