Kildwick Konstruct Capture – self assembly compost toilet kit

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Flat pack ‘Capture’ self-contained, compost toilet suitable for narrowboats, campervans and caravans that can’t drain urine into a soakpit. Assemble in under 30 minutes and then paint or stain. Available from stock.



The Kildwick Konstruct Capture is the perfect ‘flat pack’ compost toilet kit if you want to make your own compost toilet for a narrow-boat, caravan, campervan or other off-grid setting where you can’t run urine into a soakaway pit.

The self-assembly kit comes with everything you need to complete the toilet – all you have to do is decide how you want to paint or stain it!

Complete kit of parts

  • High quality, CNC precision cut 15mm birch plywood base, sides and lid. Pre-cut (with covers) holes for future expansion options. Ideal surface for painting, oiling or staining.
  • Kildwick Klassic – ‘best in class’ fibre-glass urine diverter with embedded SteriTouch anti-bacterial agent.
  • Kildwick Delta 10 – 10 litre urine collection bottle with screw on lid. Wide opening and strap/handle for easy handling and emptying. Made with SteriTouch anti-bacterial agent.
  • Kildwick Kube – 23 litre solids container with lid. Stackable design. Made with SteriTouch anti-bacterial agent
  • Plastic base tray ensures any spills are safely contained and easy to wipe up. Tray holds around 1 litre and prevents any urine from fouling the base.
  • White plastic standard sized toilet seat
  • Knock in feet to lift it slightly off the floor (helps prevent damp from the floor getting into the wood)
  • Assembly and usage instructions

Required Tools

All you need is a flathead screwdriver and a hammer (to knock in the dowels). It should take around 15 minutes to assemble. Joints are incredibly strong – we use ‘IKEA’ style furniture assembly components that lock into place. Once assembled, you can go to town with the finish and choose to paint, stain or oil it to suit your taste and decor.


Size: 390(w) x 525(front to back) x 460 (to seat)
Solids Tank Capacity: 23L Antibacterial
Urine Tank Capacity: 10L Antibacterial.
‘Overflow’ Capacity using tray: >1L.

Like other Kildwick compost toilets, the essence of the Konstruct is the urine-diverting separator which keeps liquids and solids separate. We suggest emptying the urine every day or two (it can be poured onto the ground, around trees and bushes – vary the location and NEVER discharge urine into waterways) – an occasional clean with an eco-friendly cleaner is recommended.

The solids container can be lined with compostable liners (available as an option) to make emptying easy, and if composting facilities are not available, our liners can be used to double bag the contents for disposal in suitable bins. Whether using liners or not, always cover the bottom of the solids container with around 5cm of woodshavings or your chosen cover material.

After each use of the toilet, ensure anything ‘deposited’ is completely covered with your cover material to ensure no odours are detectable.

You can also fit the VersaVent II fan for complete ventilation system and total odour/moisture control.


Additional information


No fan, 12 Volt Background Fan


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