Kildwick Koodle – Free Standing Compost Toilet

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The Koodle is possibly the smallest production compost toilet on the market. Designed for the tiniest of spaces, yet perfectly functional and practical. Ideal for narrowboats, camper vans, caravans or anywhere where space is tight.



The Kildwick Koodle is a free standing, urine separating compost toilet is free-standing allowing it to be used in any boat, van or small cabin.

The Koodle is the world’s smallest urine-diverting compost toilet and is ideal for use in any boat, van or small cabin. Despite the tiny size, it’s big on features and has a range of ventilation options to suit almost any installation.

How big is it? With catches, the Koodle is 330mm wide by 460mm front to back by 450mm high (top of the lid).

Kildwick Koodle Features:

  • 23L Solids Tank – Option of a Mixer Tank
  • 4.4L Urine Tank – easily removeable
  • Class-leading super hard & shiny anti-bacterial urine separator (Klassic)
  • Anti-bacterial leak-proof base
  • Compatible with the Kildwick Versa-vent II system
  • All metal components are rust-proof stainless-steel


  • Any of the Versavent II fans and ducting components
  • Available Colours: Standard ‘Mid Oak, White, Willow Green’. Other Options Available – Please Call
  • Wet Room Finish. A complete gelcoat finish. Surface is slightly uneven but 100% waterproof.

The Koodle is built around, or rather ‘on’ the Kube square solids bucket that goes into our other compost toilets. Rather than having a outer container that the solids container fits in, the rest of the toilet fits into the solids bucket. To empty the urine container, you can just lift up the top of the toilet, pop the lid on the urine bottle and lift it out for emptying. To empty the solids, undo the clips that secure the toilet to the solids container and lift the toilet. The solids bucket can now be moved and emptied.

Most people use biodegradable liners to line the solids container, which makes emptying a simple and no-mess job. For mobile users who don’t have any ability to compost the contents, the Kildwick ‘Bag n Bin’ liners are 100% compostable and can be placed in rubbish bins provided you double-bag.

Odour Control

The simplest option for odour control is to use wood shavings/sawdust or another suitable cover material to cover your deposit after each visit. The addition of a small 12v fan means odours can be vented outside through flexible pipe, which reduces the amount of cover needed and guarantees and completely odour-free experience.

We also offer the option of an internal carbon filter/fan. This means you don’t need any external ventilation at all – the fan will push the air through a specially designed, high quality activated carbon filter. External ventilation is preferable as it will also control moisture levels, but in cases where it’s not possible, then the carbon filter/fan is ideal.

Please contact us to discuss the various adaptors and vent pipe options to go with the fan.

Additional information

Koodle Finish

White, Painted, Oak-stain, Wet Room Gelcoat

Kildwick Fan

Passive/no fan, 12v Background Fan, 3-Speed Fan, Carbon Fan


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