Kube 23 Litre Solids Container with Lid

£65.00 inc. VAT


The Kube 23 litre solids container is ideal as an additional container for your Eco-Loo, Kabin or Koodle compost toilets or even your own self-build compost toilet.

Ideally sized and custom-made from a special plastic that is (mostly) non-stick and contains a non-leaching, long-lasting antibacterial additive called SteriTouch™ – perfect for a compost toilet solids tank.

Grab recesses are moulded into either side and the lid fits perfectly and has lugs that fit into the bottom of another container, meaning they can be stacked securely.

The rectangular size maximises capacity whilst minimising the amount of space. Can be used with or without compostable bags.

Capacity: 23L (6 US Gall)

Size: 30w x 28l x 29h (cm)


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