Separett Burn – incinerator

£399.00 inc. VAT

Ideal in situations where it’s not possible to compost the solids element of your compost toilet, but you need a 100% safe and effective way of dealing with the contents.


Separett Burn is a wood incinerator for waste / faeces from urine separating toilets. It’s ideal for safely and hygienically managing waste where composting or other disposal is not possible.

The principle is that the solids bag from a urine-separating toilet, such as the Separett Villa, Kildwick Kabin, Eco-Loo or your own self-build composting toilet, is placed on a rack inside the oven. Below the rack, about 1.50 kg of wood is stacked and ignited.

The bag and the waste burn up, leaving ony ashes. The amount of wood that is used determines how good the incinerating will be. Separett Burn is used outside and stored preferably beneath a roof. It works in all temperatures.

The Separett Burn is delivered for self-assembly.

Height 228.7 cm
Length 57.5 cm
Width 57.5 cm

2 year warranty.


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