Separett Compostable Bags – Roll of 10

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Separett part code: 1127-02

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Separett part code: 1127-02.

Roll of 10 biodegradable bags. Approximate capacity 25+ litres.

Place the bag in the solid waste container before use. When the container is emptied, always transport the toilet waste in the container to you compost or similar. Never lift the bag itself. We recommend adding a 2.5-5cm layer of wood shavings or other absorbent material in the bag.

Store the bags in the packaging in a dark and cool area. Keep away from pests. Don’t let the bag be in the toilet for more than 30 days. Fits models: Villa 6000-9010, Weekend 5200-7010, Butler 5500, Chalet 4210, Coloni 4000-4200, Compact 900 och 1100, Rescue Camping, Torp-Isak, Sanitoa, Freeze.

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