Separett Privy 501

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The Separett Privy 501 uses the same ‘urine-separating’ bowl as the Separett Privy 500, but comes with a domestic style toilet seat and lid, as opposed the insulated style seat & lid. Perfect if you want to build your own urine-separating, waterless compost toilet that looks ‘normal’ (whatever that might be!).

The unit, being compact, can be built into small spaces – you’ll need to add a container (bucket, ideally with lid) to collect the solid waste, which will need to be periodically emptied onto your ‘humanure’ compost pile. You can be as creative or as functional as you want in designing the box for the Separett Privy 501…

The Separett Privy 501 comprises the following:

  • A patented and proven design of urine-separating bowl, made from polypropylene – easy to clean and durable
  • 2.5 metre urine hose – reinforced and durable
  • ‘Regular’ household style seat and lid, made from impact-resistant high-gloss polypropylene

Why urine-separating?

The main cause of odours in compost toilets is the mixing of liquids and solids, which creates a slurry. Copious amount of cover material, such as sawdust can help alleviate the resulting odours, but you will end up with very large compost heaps due to the quantity of materials being generated. By separating liquids from solids and dealing with each separately, you have a) a much more manageable solution and b) much less odour to deal with.

The Separett Privy 501 is a urine-separating design, so by keeping solids ‘dry’ and either adding a cover material or by venting the area, odours will be reduced to a minimum and the solids container will need emptying much less frequently (every 3-6 weeks as opposed to every 3-5 days), making management so much easier and more pleasant.

Better design than other plastic separators?

The Privy 501 has been developed in Sweden after many years research into urine-separating designs. With experience borrowed from the Villa series, the Privy 501 is a durable and elegant design that simply works. Little touches like a baffle on the urine exit stops items dropping down the pipe, and the drip ring around the solids opening means if someone has an accident, urine will not run down the underside of the separator and create a nasty smell (and a nasty clean up job too). Unlike other ‘cheap’ plastic separators on the market, it’s not brittle and the top fitting, all-round design makes for a neater finished product.

Your personal design for the Separett Privy 501

To construct your toilet using the Separett Privy 501, you’ll need to consider the following: 1) where will the urine go, and 2) how will you control odours?

Urine – there are 3  ways of dealing with urine 1) it can be captured in a suitable container and disposed of (in an appropriate place) when full. Using a container is particularly appropriate for people on boats etc. 2) you can dig a small soakaway pit outside and run the urine directly into it (where it will slowly dissipate into the ground), and 3) if  you have existing waste/drain pipes for sinks etc. – simply connect the urine pipe into your existing grey water drains.

Odour control – there are broadly 2 ways to deal with odours. The first is to smother solids using a ‘cover material’, the most effective being sawdust or fine wood shavings (often sold as pet bedding). Sawdust / shavings act as a physical barrier over the solids and will stop smells leaking out, additionally, it holds oxygen in the solids bucket which will promote aerobic composting. To use, simply put a handful of sawdust over your ‘deposit’! The other way is to actively remove the smells using a small fan (such as a 12 volt computer fan). This, when properly placed, will draw air over the solids container and ‘suck’ the odours through the fan, where it can vented outside.

The best way for you will depend on your situation, resources, money and expectations. Cover materials tend to be cheap (sometimes free), although they add an extra stage in using the toilet and will add bulk to the solids container, meaning you’ll need a larger compost bin, but they are a simple solution and they work. Using a fan means people don’t have to do anything else, but it will mean having some power available (perhaps 12v from a solar panel/battery), so it’s more complicated to install in the first instance.

composting loo + 2013 tree destruction 021

This image is an example from one of our customers of how they built the Separett Privy 501 into their existing bathroom. Read more about it by clicking this link.


Specifications for the Separett Privy 501

Separett Privy 500 dimensions

Bowl: Polypropylene, recyclable.
Seat: Impact-resistant high-gloss polypropylene, recyclable
Hose: 2.5 metres, 32mm diameter
Weight: 2.6kg approx.

Please note that the toilet seat and lid are not ‘close fitting’ and therefore don’t create a seal against the separating bowl. In most cases, this is not an issue as it helps prevent good airflow around the solids container and saves having to add extra ventilation to your toilet.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 47 × 39 × 22 cm
Weight (inc Packing)

3 kg

Packaging Size

47cm x 22cm x 39cm


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