Separett Rescue Camping Toilet

£85.00 inc. VAT


Perfect when in need of a temporary toilet e.g. in cottages, boats, RV’s, camps, festivals guest-houses and building sites.

The Separett Rescue Camping is delivered complete in a convenient carry bag. On site, it only takes a few minutes to attach the sturdy cross frame legs onto the seat, attach a ‘solids’ compostable bag (roll of 10 included), attach one end of the urine pipe to the toilet seat and dig a small hole in the ground to run the other end of the urine pipe.

In use, the liquid waste will gently disperse into the ground(please follow any relevant advice for the disposal of urine – typically 10 metres away from any watercourse and 50 metres away from a well or spring). The solid waste, being separate from the liquid is now far less bulky and is caught in the bag. To help with odour control, you can cover each ‘deposit’ with an cover material such as wood ash, sawdust, leaf mould etc.

The Rescue Camping should be used outside or under minimal cover in order to provide ventilation. It is not designed for use in enclosed spaces as there is no fan fitted!

The compostable bags are designed to be strong and last at least 4 weeks before decomposing. The used bags can be sealed and depending on your facilities etc, can be buried, composted and disposed of with general waste.

Dimensions (packed) 70cm x 40cm x 25cm, and weighs 3.8kg.

* NB. Colour of urine pipe and other parts may vary